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Monday, February 18, 2008

Florida's Skunk Ape

"Deep in the swamps of Florida, something is stirring. Witnesses to its haunting presence speak of howls in the night, unexplained footprints in the mud and glimpses between the trees of a fiery-eyed creature that reeks of death." Read Article

Also referred to as "Florida's Bigfoot", this foul smelling creature is believed to live in the Everglades. The most compelling evidence for its existence has become known as the Myakka Photos. A number of people believe what was photographed to be an Orangutan and the resemblance is quite similar. Others think it is nothing more than a hoax - a person in a monkey suit. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has researched the case extensively and to this day is unable to say either way what was photographed.

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