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Monday, February 04, 2008

Rasnov Citadel Fortress

Referred to as the "Fortress of Fear", Rasnov Citadel is a 13th century Romanian fortress built on a rocky hilltop in the Carpathian mountains. Its purpose was to protect nearby villagers from foreign invaders, mainly Turks. Rasnov Citadel is the largest peasant fortification ever built in Eastern Europe. Within its walls are the remains of buildings that were once used as a school, chapel and homes for those seeking refuge.

Today, travelers to the site can visit a museum holding hundreds of year old weaponry, tools, books and clothing. One of its most known artifacts is a skeleton buried below a glass floor.

Reports of paranormal activity include sightings of dark moving shadows, unexplainable sounds and cold spots. A paranormal investigation was recently conducted here by the team of Ghost Hunters International. If you are a fan of this show, you can catch their findings at Rasnov Citadel this Wednesday on SciFi.

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