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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

UFO Hunters: Crash and Retrieval

Tonight's Episode: Crash and Retrieval

"In 1974, US Air Defense radar detected an unknown object approaching air space through the south by the Gulf of Mexico. Radar tracked the object at great speeds, but it abruptly disappeared in the barren desert in Northern Mexico, close to the Texas border. Approximately an hour later, civilian radio traffic indicated that a civilian craft had also gone down near the area. The civilian craft was out of El Paso destined for Mexico City, so it could not have been the craft US radar tracked over the Gulf. Both US and Mexican officials rushed to the crash site near Coyame, Mexico to recover the wreck. The Mexican government beat the US to the punch, and loaded the wrecked UFO onto a flatbed truck, and a convoy left scene. When the US military arrived from Ft. Bliss, the Mexican military convoy was found stopped en route from Coyame. Two bodies lay outside of the burning trucks. The US military, dressed in biohazard suits, cleaned the scene, and transported the UFO craft across the US border. The location where the craft was taken to is unknown. Our team goes to Mexico in search of the plane crash site. They hope to recover evidence of one or both of the crashes that took place in 1974.

In August of 2007, in the forests of eastern Mexico, two sleepy villages were put on the map because reports came in of falling debris from the sky. The towns of Ciudad de Valles and Xilitla are just an hour apart separated by mountainous thicket. A report came into the Center for Control through service ‘066’(Mexico’s 911) stating “a silver object 20 cm long had fallen from the sky”. Two hours later near Xilitla, “a fireball came down over a tree”, and charred part of its leaves and branches. A few locals were able to collect metal materials, but some pieces fell into ash when they were touched. Led by a local reporter who first broke the case, our team goes in search of hard evidence of the crash. The team will interview the witnesses who have collected evidence, including the officer who filed the report, and visit the sites where the area has been burned. Team UFO will be the first UFO investigators on the case, and we’ll be there to document it!"

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