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Friday, February 29, 2008

UFO : Washington DC Footage

This footage, from Washington, DC, was apparently debunked by some as "city lights shining off the bellies of birds flying by". I say... HOW RIDICULOUS!!! These objects remain unexplained today.


Liara Covert said...

In this life, you perceive and sense precisely what you are ready to experience. Higher Forces act based on how they intuit you will respond. As you develop faith in yoruself, you will continue to redefine "normal" for you which will boggle the minds of people who are on otehr wavelengths. Why do you choose to intuit these phenomena? What are you truly seeking? The answers lie inside yourself even if you have yet to find them.

Bob Johnson said...

This is a pretty cool video Aura.

Aura said...

This is one of my favorite pieces of footage.

YouFo said...

Washington DC-The UFO Capital of the World.

Washington DC is a UFO enthusiasts and researchers dream. Not only because of the never ending UFO research you can accomplish at the National Archives and or other Government agencies, but you have a real chance of your own sighting when visiting this active UFO hub.

Ever since the famous radar confirmed UFO Sightings of 1952, there has been a continuous stream of UFO activity reported in Virginia, Maryland and of course Washington DC.

The large number of radar installations in Virginia and Maryland, help confirm these sightings and rule out other natural phenomenas. Since radar sighting are considered so highly credible, Washington DC has earned the title by most to be the UFO Capital of the World.