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Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Hand UFO Encounters

Recently a retired veteran of the United States Air Force contacted me. Here are two intriguing accounts of UFO encounters while in the USAF.
"The first account related to observing UFOs was in the fall of 1986 in South Dakota. While on perimeter guard duty of the main runway, my security team members and I witnessed 2 silver flying discs hanging low and stationary in the southwestern sky. These objects were reflecting sunlight brilliantly and were moving in a wobble type fashion on closer observation through field glasses. They kind of reminded me of diamonds on a sting or something like that. This event lasted more than an hour when, the Duty Officer got on the phone and made the tower see if there was anything on radar. I do not know if there were any contacts made that day, as I was not privileged to that information. As quickly as the objects appeared they vanished by flying off to the north when the late afternoon B-52s came back from there daily mission. Highly strange stuff.

The second best experience was when I was on field exercises in Texas shortly after entering the USAF. We had gone on a mobile exercise on the Fort Hood military reservation and set up a control base for a joint exercise to take place. While patrolling this vast area we drove to deeper into the vast expanse of the reservation and took notice of this object approaching from north. Our two small utility vehicles stopped, and we grabbed the field glasses to watch this thing. This object was rolling on the ground, and was an orb around 10 feet in diameter. The closer it came to us, the more interference we had on on our walkie-talkies and the hardware on board with us. As this orb came closer, we took note of the way it moved and undulated and almost looked alive! The weird quality of this thing was it looked like oil on water moving around. It came within 20 feet and our batteries died and the lights went out. It really sapped the power in both the vehicles. After that we watched the thing roll away into the distance and it just faded. We, on the other hand, were very shaken up and waited until morning for the wreckers to come and tow us away. That was also recorded as an unknown, no further action was taken by higher authority and it was the last I heard of it. I later did some research and this phenomena was occurring during the Old West."

My thanks to T. for sharing this story with me and my readers~Aura


Siani said...

Interesting reports, especially the second one. It almost sounds like the thing itself was composed of some kind of energy.

Great blog, BTW - I've been reading for quite a while now, so it's about time I finally said something :).

Aura said...


Bob Johnson said...

Great stories Aura, it's cool people are sending you stuff like this.

Aura said...

Those by my readers are some of my favorites.