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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paranormal Realities

Paranormal Realities is a group that I started over at Blog Catalog for everyone interested in the subject. This is a place where people interested in the paranormal can meet and share any experiences that they have had. It's been a great way for me to meet people with similar interests and hear their take on many of the topics that I write about on here.

If you are looking for a forum to join, check out Rand's newest creation: Our Paranormal Boards
You can find me there with a number of other cool people sharing our favorite stories/videos and anything else that comes our way.


GL said...

Cool :)

Rand said...

Hey Aura, glad to see you on the forums, moving along quite nicely I think.

Just wondering what you'd like your description to be for your board, I forgot to ask.

Take care.

Aura said...

Hey Rand, you could use my description from here.

A collection of experiences from the paranormal world.