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Monday, May 26, 2008

From One Haunted House To Another

The following story was sent in by a reader from Virginia who moved from one haunted home into, what appears to be, another. It is possible that they were followed and a ghost is attached to one of them.
"Two nights after we moved into the house we bought my husband woke up because he was being choked. He told me that while he was sleeping he felt someone sit down next to him on the bed and he began to get choked! He said he opened his eyes and saw an invisible outline of someone sitting on the bed with their arm out choking him and then it was gone. The same night I had a strange thing happen as well, while sleeping. I had a dream (or I think it was a dream) that I was under a big light, lying down and someone said "You may have moved, but we know where you are". Most nights around 1:30 AM you can hear what sounds like someone walking in the hallway near our bedroom. One night shortly after we moved, I woke up around 1AM and went into the living room so I would not wake up my husband. Around 1:30 AM I heard someone walking down the hallway toward me but, no one was there. My husband told my Dad that there is a ghost here. I have not told my husband about the footsteps in the hallway in the wee hours, so I am thinking he is hearing them too, but we have not talked about it. Our house seems cold to both of us, in fact my Mom has made statements about it being warmer outside then inside, and she is right. We plan on having the house blessed very soon. I have found out that since the house was built in 1958, at least one women has been widowed here. The people we bought the house from did A LOT of remodeling on the house and they never moved in here before selling it to us. We are going to go to the courthouse and do some research on the land and house in the next few weeks."


Patty said...

I agree that it sounds like the ghost has followed them. Especially if they had this same type of thing happen at a former home. I would encourage the house blessing ASAP.

Aura said...

I will post any updates as they come to me.