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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Search For Bigfoot

For many the idea of a tall, hairy, foul smelling, bipedal creature living in the wilderness is pure fiction-hogwash! Skeptics will argue that the fact no such creature has ever been captured, dead or alive, proves in its nonexistence. However, regardless of this fact, there are documented cases where evidence collected mustn't be ignored and should be paid more attention to by main stream scientists.

Purported Bigfoot audio recordings have been made by a number of people, which have proven to be of an unknown animal. When sent to laboratories for analysis the recordings were found to be inconsistent with any known animal/human vocalizations.

Hair samples have been found and the results show they are from a "non-human, but unknown primate"- (based on similarities in DNA base sequences) . Unfortunately without a body to provide a comparison, these will remain unknown.

Casts have been made showing incredible footprints/tracks with the end result being made by "an unknown animal to science". Dr. W. Henner Farenbach is among one of the scientists actively researching these such finds. His findings are highly regarded amongst those dedicated to Bigfoot research.

Sightings/video recordings- perhaps the best is the hotly debated Patterson/Gimlin footage. 40 years have passed and the footage cannot be recreated by the best of the best or be proven a fake.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Finley

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