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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Groveland, NY Haunting

Reader shares her haunting experiences while living in Groveland, New York.

"I rented a farm house in 1997-1998 in Groveland, New York, located in Livingston County. I lived there with my youngest daughter who was a young teenager at the time. The house used to be an Inn in the 1800's, but had caught fire and a good bit of it had been destroyed. At some point in time, one of the owners of the place made it into a farm house. Unknown to me, a man had died in the house prior to when I moved in. That man turned out to be my daughters great uncle!

I worked nights and needed a nap before going into work. I told my daughter and her friend to go outside to let me sleep for awhile. While trying to get to sleep I heard someone walking up and down the hall upstairs and saw a shadow under the door of someone walking by. This continued for a good half an hour. I got mad thinking it was my daughter, and got up, left my room and went downstairs to find her. She was out side with her friend talking. I asked her why she was going up and down the hall when I told her to stay outside, she and her friend told me that they had not moved from where I found them talking.

In the same house after work I would do the dishes before going to bed. In the morning, when I got up, the silverware would be thrown all over the kitchen.
One day my daughter and I were folding clothes and we both heard someone fart near where we were folding, but no one was there.

One of my other daughters came to visit me with some of her friends on a night that I didn't have to work. I was across the room from them and it suddenly got real cold, and I felt like someone walked right threw me. Everyone else had got real cold shortly after, and felt a cold breeze go by them. I had loud banging on the walls there as well. I didn't live there very long."

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