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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Moss Beach Distillery

Last nights episode of Ghost Hunters featured an investigation of the Moss Beach Distillery in California. I was not surprised to see their findings- an assortment of gadgets planted throughout the restaurant to give an unsuspecting patron a good fright and leave one with the impression that indeed the "The Blue Lady" is hanging around.

My thoughts:
-I think that all serious paranormal investigators will benefit from these findings. It shows what lengths an establishment will go to in order to cash in on being labeled a haunted location.

-I think that Moss Beach Distillery gave itself a bad name and lost a number of customers who go there hoping to have a paranormal experience, including dedicated paranormal investigators.
(With the exception of Most Haunted who will go there and have tables tipping and rocks thrown at their heads-and claim it's haunted!)

-And finally, to the restaurant owners, you might want to take "Our Ghost" off your website since you staged the whole thing and made a mockery of it.


GL said...

Unfortunately, I missed the reveal portion of the show. Though I wasn't surprised that a location would go to such lengths, I was surprised they would think the investigators would not find out and, as you suggest, have it only make the Moss Beach people look bad.

The "laughter" in the bathroom triggered by the door seemed like something no investigation team worth its salt would miss.

It was a good episode, if for no other reason than to show what people like TAPS have to put up with.

Moss Beach is a perfect match for Most Haunted. I can't wait.

Aura said...

I expected a bit more during the reveal ( like giving the guy a good shake), you could see that Grant and Jason were clearly annoyed with the guy and did not find it funny at all.
Even if the possibility exists that a ghost lingers there/nearby - as some our protesting online-Moss Beach Distillery are to blame for discrediting the story/any actual sightings.

Hats off to Jason/Grant for remaining professional while having to deal with the idiot across the table from them.

Patty said...

I saw the show last night. In fact I saw it twice, since our local channel repeats later in the evening. I think Moss Beach should be ashamed that they delibertly did not tell the TAPS team about all the fake stuff they had set up. I understand that they wanted to increase business by claiming to have a haunting but I agree, this is really going to hurt them in the end. I for one would never go there.

Bob Johnson said...

I find that Ghosts hunters is a good and most importantly a credible show