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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Romanian Fighter Plane Hit by UFO

The Romanian Defense Ministry recently confirmed that a MIG 21 Lancer fighter plane was struck by an unidentified flying object on October 31, 2007, and have released footage showing the impact.

Protective glass surrounding the pilot's cabin was broken by one of the objects, striking the pilot's oxygen mask. Luckily he escaped with minor injuries, and was able to land the plane.

Lt.-col. Nicolae Grigorie was quoted by the local news station saying that "one can see in the images two solid bodies, which are not translucid and were recorded by the camera installed in the plane".

"They couldn't be birds because there are no birds in Europe able to fly so high. And they couldn't be ice bodies because it was a clear sky -- neither could they be pieces of another plane or a meteor," he said. The government has also ruled out rocket launches and ground artillery fires as causes of the incident.

Authorities will continue investigations on this incident to determine what the objects could have been.

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