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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ancient Astronauts

The belief that an intelligent extraterrestrial race visited the Earth long ago can be found in almost every ancient civilization. References about such beings can be found in the bible, on petroglyph's and in other texts.

Here are a few examples of this most fascinating theory found on Wikipedia.

"In the Biblical Old Testament, the Book of Ezekiel tells of a flying object seen as a fiery whirlwind which when descended to the ground gave the appearance of being made of metal. It is described among other things as a wheel within a wheel containing four occupants,"living creatures", whose likeness was that of man. The passage goes on to say that wherever the wheels went the creatures went, and when the living creatures were lifted up the wheels were lifted up."

"The ancient Nazca lines comprise hundreds of enormous ground drawings etched into the high desert landscape of Peru which consist primarily of geometric shapes, but also include depictions of a variety of animals and at least one human. Many supporters of this theory cite the Nazca lines as evidence because the figures created by the lines are most clearly depicted or only able to be seen when viewed from the air."

"Other artistic support for the ancient astronaut theory has been sought in Palaeolithic cave paintings. Vondijina in Australia and Val Camonica in Italy (seen above) are claimed to bear a resemblance to present day astronauts. Supporters of the ancient astronaut theory sometimes claim that similarities such as dome shaped heads, interpreted as beings wearing space helmets, prove that early man was visited by an extraterrestrial race."

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Bob Johnson said...

Hey Aura, I've always believed we had been visited from some alien lifeforms in the past. Do you remember Chariots of the Gods, a movie about just such a thing.