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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ashmore Estates

Rumored to be haunted for many years, Ashmore Estates was built in 1916 as residence for the poor and remained that way until 1956. From 1956 to 1976 it housed the mentally impaired. In 1980, Ashmore Estates reopened as a home for the developmentally disabled until its closing in 1987 due to a lack of funding.

Several documented ghosts are said to reside in the building. Full body apparitions, black mists and strange sounds are some of the paranormal occurrences witnessed here. With more than a hundred deaths at this location and the strong emotions tied to each, it is possible that some souls remain.

UPDATE: Recently, filmmakers Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth visited Ashmore Estates. The two brothers, along with paranormal investigators, were on location for their latest documentary Children of the Grave 2. The team had a number of personal experiences and captured evidence while filming, which we'll be presented to the public soon.


Bob Johnson said...

Very interesting Aura, will have to keep an eye out for this documentary, hopefully it will be out on the Space Network or A&E since we don't get the SciFi network here.

Aura said...

I am really looking forward to this. I am a big fan of their work.

jedimasterwilliams said...

aura i have been to ashmore and will never return i was born and raised in indiana and lived in marshall ill. when i was 18

i went to ashmore with a friend if you would like to know the rest my e-mail is bettercheddar88@hotmail.com