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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sylvia Browne

Author Sylvia Browne embarks on farewell tour- I am always asked what I think about psychic Sylvia Browne, if she is "legit" or not. I don't know for sure, do I believe that some people have a this gift-yes. What I do know is that I am not going to spend 850 bucks for a 20 minute phone reading with her to find out. Waste of money, plus the power of suggestion is always in the back of my mind...know what I mean?


GL said...

I had to go look. $850?! That's something.

Rand said...

Hell yea that's a lot. I'm sure that for every psychic that charges, there's probably ten out there that would give it away for free.

Can't say I've met a psychic though.

Aura said...

It's a ridiculous amount of money. I don't go to "psychics", just not interested in that sort of thing. I don't think a person should seek that out. If it/they comes to you that's different.