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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Nephilim

The Nephilim are beings, as mentioned in the Book of Genesis, who are said to be a race of giants who inhabited the Earth around 9000 B.C. The race of giants are described as being the offspring of human women and fallen angels.

Recently I have come across a number of articles referencing to the Nephilim and 2012. Some believe that as 2012 approaches so too will a massive, anomalous object, that in 1983 was discovered by infrared satellite. This object, believed to be a planet on an elliptical orbit that passes Earth every 3,600 years, was seen disturbing Neptune and Pluto's orbit. A controversial belief is that this planet is actually a starship whose inhabitants are the Nephilim beings.

Humanity's Crossroads and Extraterrestrials: U.S. Professor Zecharia Sitchin's Planet X

Whatever it is, something seems to be out there. As for this "object" being a starship with alien beings on it- I am not convinced. What do you all think?


GL said...

I'm not buying the starship explanation.

Aura said...

hi gl, neither am I. If it was a ship- Why wait every 3,600 years to make an appearance???