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Thursday, August 21, 2008

On Bigfoot Hoaxers

"The hunt was on Wednesday for two North American forest-roaming bipeds, last seen in Northern California, present whereabouts unknown." Paul Wagenseil-Fox News

This comes as no surprise. Many are still angered by the false claims Whitton and Dyer made. Unfortunately, they are two of thousands who make their living by conning the rest of us. Do you think the men should be charged with fraud?


Kennan Brooks said...

The Bigfoot hoax was so dissappointing. It did look really fake though, but they should at least get some sort of legal action against them. I don't know:-( I just found your blog on blogcatalog and really like it. You're doing a great job! I just started my own blog about the paranormal and was hoping you'd check it out! Any comments/advice/feedback would really be appreciated!!


Aura said...

Hi-thanks for commenting and checking out my site. I will have a look!

Bob Johnson said...

I say throw them in jail and feed them the body parts they used to make the fake Bigfoot with,lol.

Aura said...

It is a shame that people do this sort of thing for a living.