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Friday, August 29, 2008

Streetlight Phenomenon

Street lamp interference (SLI) is a phenomenon that occurs when one walks or drives beneath them, causing the light to turn off. People with this ability are being called SLIders and research is underway to see if there is a psychic link to this event.

I began to experience this phenomenon as a teenager. The street lamps would go out when I'd walk or drive underneath them. It happened so often that I began to feel that something unusual was going on. Even those with me noticed how regularly it was happening and left them wondering what was going on.

I was told that a person with this ability emits a higher amount of kinetic energy- resulting in electrical disturbances. I cannot help but wonder if this has any link to the paranormal phenomena that I have experienced over the years.

I continue to experience this phenomenon today. The light bulbs in my house go out quite a bit and while in the kitchen preparing dinner, the lights will flicker and buzz. I hope to learn more about this and what others think on the subject of SLI.


Andrea said...

I don't think I've heard of this before. Sounds interesting.

Aura said...

Hi Andrea-thanks for commenting. I only recently discovered more about this phenomenon. It is rather interesting.

Bill said...

Hi Aura LTNS. :-) Hmmm I wonder what this could be doing to your computer? Do you lose alot of data or anything? Hey maybe you could come to my job and make the power go out so I can leave early one day that would be cool. Lol.

Aura said...

hey Bill!! LOL

So far, my computer doesn't seem affected. It is only light bulbs for me.

Rand said...

Hey Aura, I'm Gonna go off on a tangent here. I've been getting way into quantum physics, there's things contained in QP that if you didn't know about them you wouldn't believe them possible.

I mean the majority of it is way over my head, but I do understand it in my own way, I see pictures in my head of how what I'm reading works.

It's like this, what we know in our everyday lives seems completely different in the quantum world, the rules don't seem the same and the paranormal could fit beautifully into it.

I was reading about an experiment where scientists split one particle into two, they separated them by some distance and found that if they manipulated one of them the other would mimic its other half instantaneously. Their theory is that even if they were separated by the distance of the universe the twin would always mimic the other instantaneously.

The problem with that is it would go against Einsteins theory, that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, so they also theorized that the two particles weren't communicating, they just knew (somehow) what the other was up to. Other than that they can't even contemplate what's going on.

The quantum world is full of stories like that, that pretty much lead to dead ends about where to go next.

To me it just seems like there's a whole bunch of concepts and rules out there not yet realized, some people must be closer to those realizations than others and not even realize it, could explain SLI, you could be closer to another concept of existence than the rest of us.

Aura said...

Thanks Rand, as always - much appreciated! I have yet to touch on QP myself, it is all a bit intimidating I guess. You raise a very interesting theory that I would love to know more about. I have to admit, in the beginning I was creeped out by my ability once I realized it was not coincidental. Like you say, there is so much we have yet to fully understand/realize.

Thanks for the great comment :)

Haunted TUNA said...

Hey Aura,
This is interesting (and what Rand wrote as well!).

I have experienced this too! Like, a few times per year. Never gave it much thought (other than when it actually happens).

Only with street lights though, no other electronic. My light bulbs seem to love me, I rarely change them! :)

Aura said...

Hey Haunted tuna- glad you are back. Interesting indeed-would love to find more about this and what others who have this "ability" think.

blaise said...

last fall, riding my bike home from work, typically i would pop one or two lights along this route. but this particular night while riding down the driveway of a va hospital which has eight matching lights all down one side. i zapped six in a row as i was directly under each of them. the last two are in close proximity to a large led sign, at a well lit intersection. (stayed on)
any way when i got to the end of the drive i thought "that was cool".
i stopped and looked back, about thirty seconds went by and all at once they popped back on.
my frame of mind was relaxed, yet in deep thought about a court appearance the next morning. the thing is, after the third light i was conciously aware of the event happening, and even
anticipating getting under the next light, but not trying to force it, just waiting to see what would happen. sure enough the next three in a row. i rode the same route every night but
never happened like that again.
deffinatly has to do with the mood im in. usually in deep ponderance.
keep on SLIdin.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's your vehicle.
If you drive a Ford...I had same issue for 11 years driving it.
Lights go out all the time, but only when driving explorer.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Benji and I have this occurrence happen to me daily. I always drive at night, about a hour before I lay down because I'm a car fanatic and driving my Celica relaxes me. To the person above me, I don't have an explorer, but a Celica, and knowing a lot about cars, we don't have nearly the same type of headlights or bulbs.

I too thought this was just something my car was doing, like the headlights hitting the sensor that lets the lights know when its dark and to turn on. But being as our cars are extremely different, from the size of the vehicle, the height from the ground, and the lights, I'm thinking that might not be the case anymore.

Aura, I followed a page looking at some cool tires to your site, and when I saw this I thought, "Ill read it but everyone who posts will say it happens to them, this is nothing." But I must say, seeing how not everyone has had this happen to them, I'm kinda freaked out about how often it happens to me.

I'd like to know more about this, does anyone know if there is anywhere else with info?

I'm going to join this blog and try to get some more info about this if anyone can provide some.
Thanks for you're time and IF this is some kind of telekinetic power, I promise not to hurt anyone or read your minds. XD

UncleBenji said...

Hello, I joined! XD

Anonymous said...

Aura,last night after reading this I took my car out for a drive and brought my digital camera and taped it to my dash.

Within my 45-1 hour drive the video clearly shows 21 occurrences where I drive towards a street light on the highway and the light goes off, coming back on moments after I move away from it. The clearest instance on this first video happens only 10 seconds after I turned the camera on. The fifth light from my location turns off and on as I drive under it, and its clear not obstructions are there.

Now I'm new to all of this, but if SLI is real, I have a serious case and intend on capturing more video, maybe even tonight although its Easter, to better my understanding.

Aura, what do you think? How often does this happen to you? I searched the internet and it seems most suspected SLIers only have about 1-10 SLI encounters a night, but I get that in less than a half hour.


Anonymous said...

I always thought this was just a super random happening. Around my house the lights flicker and whatnot but it is usually when I am drunk and telling a deep story to my closest friends. And also my friends have noticed that lights do flicker around me. I can remember one instance where it was two of my friends and I, we decide we should go ghost hunting because we were "fearless" teenagers. Anyway there is a house around here that is just creepy and is on the bad side of town. So we are driving to the house on the home stretch which is fairly well lit for the "ghetto". There were about 7-8 lights on the street and as we went down them they all went off. We still went to the house nothing happened but that was scarier than anything that could happen at the abandoned house. Anywho I just wanted to comment and maybe get more information on these studies. The past year and a half I have been having dreams that were coming true, telling people stories about things that haven't happened yet, even down to knowing if my friends GF is cheating on him. Things have been odd around this household, also the strange thing is. ALL of my friends have had terrifying paranormal expiriences on their own and then new ones at my house when they sleep here. I don't know where I am going with this but thanks for reading whoever reads this.