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Monday, September 29, 2008

Irish International UFO Conference

The fifth Irish International UFO conference has recently taken place. More than 70 delegates attended, discussing Ireland's recent UFO sightings and to hear eyewitness testimony. Footage of a triangular object, which was filmed by a senior garda officer, was viewed by the attendees along with photographs taken by an off duty pilot who saw a similar object 5 days prior to the officers' sighting.

Politician and pilot spot UFO in Meath


Bob Kelly said...

The sighting took place in early August. The video was presented at the conference and eye-witness testimony given.
Instead of providing a report for viewers you have provided a link to a newspaper article.
No indication is given of when this "best video on the planet" to quote Carl Nally, will be shown.

Aura said...

And what is wrong with that bob? When I find a news story that I feel is reputable or of interest to my readers-I will often link to it. You should take the time to read my site, not just one post.

Have a nice day, bob kelly