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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Blog Readers

I want to take this time to welcome all new readers to my blog. Here you will find numerous videos and posts on ghosts, UFOs and other strange, unexplained phenomena.

Take a moment to read about my personal experiences- these are the reasons that I started this blog in 2006. If you have a story to share, you can email me at any time by clicking on the skull in the left sidebar.

On the main page my 7 most recent posts can be read. To access older posts, you can go to previous posts or my archives-both can be found in the left sidebar on your screen.

Perhaps there is a story or case that you are looking for? In the upper left corner of the screen, in the blogger NavBar, there is a search bar. Just type in your search word(s) and click the search blog button. All posts containing the word(s) will come up.

If you are interested in getting posts delivered to your email or RSS reader, you can subscribe to my feed by clicking the appropriate buttons in the right sidebar.

Also on here, you can find links to a number of other blogs/websites dedicated to paranormal research and those with breaking news on the subject. If you have a site that is relevant to the content of mine, I would be happy to swap links with you.

Thanks again to all new readers, I hope you'll enjoy my site.


Bob Johnson said...

Great Idea Aura.

Aura said...

Thanks bob, I think it is important to introduce your site/work. Lots of new readers-good time to thank them all and welcome them here.