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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ghostly Twin

Recently a reader wrote me with this frightening true account.
I was born in Long Island New York and now I live in Miami Fla. For years I have been searching for a true answer. When I was 14 teen years old I would always go to sleep with the stereo on and my bedroom door closed. I always left my window shades open so the street light would keep my bedroom lit up. One night, I woke up out of my sleep because I couldn't hear the stereo on. I opened my eyes and my mother had opened my bedroom door and turned off the stereo. I was so mad at her so I started to pull my covers off and I laid back down scared out of my wits. There was a girl identical to me standing next to my bed. She was just like me- I have never been so afraid in my life. All she did was look at me. She had a long white dress with a pinkish color to it, but white. She had this covering over her like a see through veil but clear in color. She even had the same color hair and hair cut I had. I was mostly afraid that she was going to talk or do something to me. After staring at her for as long as I could without blinking, I finally blinked my eye's and she was gone. Then when I saw that she was gone I made sure and looked all around the room- to make sure she wasn't hiding in any corner of my room waiting to pop back out on me. I counted to 10 and ran to my mothers bedroom, I told her and fell asleep in her bed and slept there for a few nights after that. I am now 45 years old and I am still asking myself and searching online for an answer. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I wonder- Was this demonic a twin I never knew I had? What was that all about? Nothing like this has ever happened again. May you please or someone out there help me put closure to this. Thank you.
After doing some reading regarding a twin-like apparition appearing to someone, the closest thing I came up with was a doppelgänger. However, I could be way off. What do you all think? I have never heard of anyone seeing their double like this. Your thoughts about this persons experience are appreciated.


Sarcasm is just one more service I offer. said...

This may not be it al all but, have you ever thought about astral projection? I have heard some interesting accounts of it. It would at least be worth looking into. Not sure what else it could have been. What did your mother say when you told her? Did you feel any malice coming from the entity?

Aura said...

That is a good point you made-I have heard about astral projection. I would lean more towards that possibility than the doppelganger.

Thanks friend

Silvia said...

Hi this is Silvia
Where do these doppelganger came from. Why almost all the stories written about them speak of them being evil.
Then wouldn't they be Demonic

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, very scary and interesting, I'm think some kind of spirit, I know people who have gone through astral projection, and they see themselves from above as they are sleeping.