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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top Paranormal Shows

Which are your favorite paranormal TV shows and why?

Mine is Ghost Hunters-I like that these guys look for the rational explanation first. In my opinion, they have been able to capture some of the best evidence to date that ghosts exist.


GL said...

I have to go with GH as well, though I enjoy Destination Truth for being entertaining and for the globe hopping they do. GH seems the most objective while still approaching the subject in a relatively serious way (as far as I can tell from just watching on TV). Shows like Most Haunted fall well on the other end of the spectrum and are clearly for entertainment purposes only. Not to mention that the screaming on the show gives me a headache.

Atrueoriginall said...

I think mine is probably 'going' to be the new one (Travel Channel: Ghost Adventures) that airs finally on the 17th, just because the head of the team is such a stoned fox I can't take my eyes off of him. lol Ohhhhh, how shallow is that.

For the time being though, it would be Ghost Hunters hands down. They're more down to earth homey types that I like the same information or at least try more than a few times in doing so.

The Stoned FOX is in here

Aura said...

I will be tuning in to Ghost Adventures this week. Their first show was good. Glad to see they are back. I like Destination Truth too. Josh Gates does things in places that most people wouldn't dare go to find the truth-I like that.

GH will always be at the top of my list-these guys have opened minds that were previously closed and set a standard for investigating.