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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ghost Face In Aquarium?

While searching for eerie photographs depicting ghostly images, I came across this one of a disembodied human head in an aquarium.

What do you all make of it? Seems like an odd place for a ghost to appear and in my opinion unlikely to be authentic. 


Bob Johnson said...

I think one word sums it up Photoshopped, actually I don't know if that is a word,lol.

Dilimache said...

Wow, it's too perfectly sketched to be just a coincidence... Yet, what a ghost would do there :-).... he looks like thinking.... nobody died in that aquarium I guess... Nice face over there..

Aura said...

This one did nothing for me except provide me with a much needed laugh.

Web Designer said...

I think this photo was edited in Photoshop or any other software.
or maybe it is a reflection of any person who came to saw this aquarium.