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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Haunted Wilderness Lodge

Imagine purchasing your dream retreat, where you can escape the fast-paced, hustle bustle of everyday life - only to find out that your quite abode is occupied by something or someone from the other side.

A couple who purchased a wilderness lodge in North Hudson, New York, are living this reality and were recently visited by the team from the Paranormal Research Society. The couple as well as visitors have heard footsteps, children giggling, and music throughout the place. The clients' son revealed that a number of people gathered there once for a spirit board session to see what would come through. It was after that night that the activity reportedly got worse.

The researchers were unable to find any significant historical information connecting past events with the current activity taking place on the property. However, while spending the night at the lodge, team leader Brian Buell was woken up during the night with the sensation that a something was in his room. This along with unexplained noises during 'dead time' convinced the team that these they were not alone.

It was strongly believed by all that the spirit board session opened a door allowing spirits to come through. After announcing to the presence that it was no longer welcome, the activity seems to have stopped-for now.

This case was shown on a recent episode of Paranormal State- "Room and Board". It can be found here.


Mike and Julie said...

I find that interesting about the spirit board. My daughter's friend and roommates also experienced paranormal activity after using a spirit board. They ended up leaving the apartment because it wouldn't end.....Julie

Aura said...

One must be careful when using Spirit Boards/ Ouija Boards-never a good thing.