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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ongoing UFO Sightings

The UFO Activity that has been reported in Virginia seems to be continuing and even increasing in 2009.

Here's one of the latest UFO reports from Virginia. This is a excellent report.

Date-January 2009
# Witnesses-15
Event-Flap/Ongoing UFO Sighting

This sighting has been an ongoing event which started in November 2005. The area these sightings are occurring is on my families farm in the rural county of Culpeper Virginia. It all started when we had a party in November of 2005. The lights were first noticed by a friend who said "what is that" I looked and saw what I can only describe as a long string of lights or something that looked similar to the Phoenix lights. There were approximately 15 people at the party and we were all baffled. The lights were bright white in color and looked like a ORB/sphere in shape. After about 15 minutes of viewing, I asked my friends if what we are seeing were flares from the near by Quantico Military base. Most agreed and than one said "Yep, I think your" but before he could finish his sentence someone else said "I have never seen flares move like that. Astonishingly the lights started to move in unison in a easterly direction. There were Approximately 10 lights, all were lined up in a straight line, from west to east, and seemed to make a noticeable outline of something HUGE. From our vantage point it looked to be at least 200-500 feet long and flying at an estimated 300-500 feet over the tree line. The lights moved slowly, approximately 2.5 miles and than started to turn north. Because of this turn the lights made a dip up and then gradually swept North. This is when we noticed there was another collection of lights on the bottom of this thing. I think this is when most of us realized this was something very special and quite extraordinary. After the lights completed their turn we were able to see the back which was comprised of what looked like eight lights, four on top four on the bottom. There also was a strange haze between the top and bottom lights, I'm not sure how to describe it but it was a blurry bluish haze. It was shortly after this when the lights faded from view as it continued to head north in the direction of Washington DC.
About 6 months later I received a phone call from one of my friends, he was also at the November party and saw the "Virginia Lights". He explained that he had camped the night before at the property and had another sighting of the lights. This time he said it didn't turn North but stayed due east in the direction of the Fredericksburg area. The reason I am reporting this to you now is that I had another sighting of the "Virginia Lights" this past weekend. This time the lights were further off in the distance when first spotted and again headed North but in a more North Easterly direction, again toward Washington DC. Interestingly, the lights seem to be rising out of the tree line which is approximately 1-3 miles distance. I have done some internet research on the lights and found there has been some very similar sightings occurring throughout the Northern Virginia area. In particular, there were many sightings in the vicinity of Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Gainesville and the Dale City and Woodbridge Va areas. The description of these sightings were so eerily similar and since this was the direction we saw the lights heading makes me think we must be seeing the same thing. That's all I have for now. You are welcome to contact me if you have any additional questions about this sighting. I hope this report helps you in your research.

Thanks, The Virginia Lights


Va UFO said...

I have also been researching the current UFO wave occurring in Virginia.
I have found a series of UFO sightings occurring in Virginia outside Washington DC. 2008 and now 2009 have been especially active. The most recent activity seems to be centered around the towns of Gainesville and Haymarket Va. The sightings are also being reported in the Fairfax county area as well.
I posted below some of the latest sightings I've found occurring in this Va UFO Flap.
Since these sightings are being reported so close to Washington DC, I wonder if they have anything to do with the upcoming inauguration.

#1. Sighting Report:
January 2009
Gainesville Virginia

Spectacular Lights seen to separate in Virginia outside Washington DC

At approximately 7:00pm on Saturday January 3 2009 my wife and I went into our backyard to walk our dogs. We were in the backyard for only a few minutes when I saw a bright light that seemed to be stationary in the Northeast sky.
I pointed the light out to my wife and than noticed it was slightly moving from north to south. We live 40 miles outside Washington DC, near Dulles airport, so we do see a lot of airplane traffic. I started to think we must be looking at a slow moving airplane. As the light got closer I noticed there wasn't any Aircraft or Beacon lights (blinking lights) and this light was not acting like a conventional aircraft should. The light would slowly move then stop and stay stationary for several minutes, then would start moving again. While we watched the light I told my wife to stay and watch so I can go inside to grab the camera. I ran into the house, grabbed the camera and opened the back sliding glass door. Just as I started filming, the light was just making it over my house, I told my wife to meet me in the front yard. As I ran to the front yard and met my wife, I again started filming the light, at this point it was slowly flying above Orion, which was just rising in the eastern sky.
This is when the unbelievable happened. Just as the light was above Orions belt my wife said "Look it's turning around" I couldn't believe my eyes. The light was making a complete U-Turn. But even more spectacular, as the light made the U-Turn, another light continued moving south and stayed on the original path. What I'm trying to say is-the light we were originally watching turned into two separate lights. One made a complete 180 degree turn headed back north and was blue in color, the other light continued south. These two lights were somehow connected together and than separated.
The light that U-Turned off the original light soon stopped and remained stationary for approximately five minutes as the other light continued south. Soon after the original light was out of sight the U-Turned light started moving again towards the north until it was out of sight.
During this sighting my neighbor was also walking his dog, he saw my wife and I starring at something. He came over and was also able to see the two lights after they separated.

I have followed up with the FAA, the local air traffic control in Manassas Virginia and Dulles International Airport. I will keep you posted of any updates.

#2. Sighting Report:
December 14, 2008
Gainesville Virginia-40 miles outside Washington DC
I wanted to report a interesting sighting that occurred at 13:00 hours(1:00pm) on December 14 2008 in the towns of Gainesville/Haymarket Virginia, near Washington DC.
I am a Meteorologist and amateur astronomer with many years of trained observation of the day and night time sky.
Included in this report is the 11:00am-2:00pm hourly weather report for the day the sighting occurred, Dec 14 2008(1:00pm) and the Astronomical data for December 14 2008.
1:52 PM, Sun 14 December 2008 47° 28° 48% 30.45in 10mi 25000ft S13mph 0mph Broken Clouds 12:52 PM, Sun 14 December 2008 46° 27° 47% 30.45in 10mi 25000ft S13mph 0mph Broken Clouds 11:52 AM, Sun 14 December 2008 45° 25° 46% 30.5in 10mi 25000ft S17mph 24mph Broken Clouds 10:52 AM, Sun 14 December 2008 42° 28° 58% 30.53in 10mi 12000ft S13mph 0mph Broken Clouds

Astronomical Data for December 14, 2008:
Rise: Set: Actual Time: 7:19 AM EST 4:47 PM EST Civil Twilight: 6:49 AM EST 5:17 PM EST Nautical Twilight: 6:15 AM EST 5:50 PM EST Astronomical Twilight: 5:43 AM EST 6:22 PM EST Moon: 7:08 PM EST (12/14) 9:22 AM EST (12/14) Length Of Visible Light: 10h 27m Length of Day: 9h 28m Waning Gibbous, 94% Moon Illumination

Sighting Report Gainesville Va Dec 14 2008 Continued-
I set out to walk my dog just as the 1:00pm football games were beginning. As I walked into my backyard I was looking at the long contrails extending north to south across the deep blue sky. I soon noticed a lower flying aircraft flying from the northeast to the southwest. As I watched the aircraft I noticed a small white object following close behind it. Stunned at first, I starred at the object trying to figure out what this object could be. After a few seconds of observation I noticed the object was white in color and disk or orb like in appearance. While I watched the white disk it started swinging back and forth behind the airplane in a left to right type fashion. I wondered at first if I was seeing a big white bird, I quickly realized this was definitely not the case. As I watched the object swing left to right it all a sudden dove or dropped straight down and flew underneath the airplane for a few seconds, it then swung just under the plane to the left side and amazingly completely circled the airplane and then again trailed behind it.
I was absolutely amazed at what I was seeing, it was at this point I thought to myself, do I have time to run inside and grab my camera. I hesitated at first thinking the object would be gone by the time I got back. Than I thought, I have to try because know one will believe me if I don't get a picture-so off I went running. I grabbed the camera, ran back outside and was just able to take a short video as the object disappeared over Haymarket toward the Bull Run mountains. I have tried to consider other explanations for this object but have been mostly unable to do so. The only possibility could be a in flight refuel for the air combats that are deployed to protect Washington DC airspace. I don't think this is much of a possibility since the aircraft the object was following was not military but a passenger plane. The white disk I saw was also not a conventional military aircraft. There wasn't any wings visible on the craft and the craft was more disk/orb like in appearance. I wanted to report this sighting to you in hopes that someone else in my area may have also seen this remarkable ariel display.

#3. Sighting Report:
Gainesville, Va

Metallic Object Seen In Gainesville Virginia.
Hello, I saw this object as I walked outside at about 11:00 am. A bright flash caught my attention in the northern sky. At first I assumed I was looking at a airplane. I quickly noticed this wasn't a airplane but a short stubby metallic object. This object is hard to describe-please see accompanied photos for a better explanation. The object moved at normal speed and seemed to just silently glide from the north east to south west toward the Mountains. This object could have been a aircraft unknown to me so please see the photos to make your own assumption. I did not take these photographs. I found these when researching the object I saw. These photos where taken on interstate 95 south in Fairfax County Va on the same day I saw the object. Fairfax is about 15 miles from me. The photos were taken while the witness was stuck in traffic. He had seen this object stationary and then something smaller flew into it and then out of it. The pictures shows exactly the object I saw and it was on the same day-this has to be the same object.


#4. Sighting Report:
Occurred : 10/7/2008 20:30
Location: Gainesville/Haymarket, VA Shape: Circle Duration: 1-2 Minutes

Two extremely fast moving lights spotted in Virginia.

Hello, I am reporting a series of lights my wife and I saw in the Gainesville/Haymarket Va area. Between 8:00-8:30pm my wife and I were traveling in our car near the Gainesville/Haymarket Virginia area when she said "LOOK, what in the world is that, look how fast it's moving" I stopped the car, look out her window and saw an extremely fast moving light heading west. We didn't hear any sound and the light was a interesting one. I can only describe it as a circle with a reddish light on the bottom that slowly glowed brighter as the light sped away in a westerly direction. The light was moving at such speeds it's hard to describe it accurately. I estimate it at approximately 100 feet off the ground and covering 10-15 miles in just seconds, I would assume there has to be regulations against such speeds at these lower levels. The light was moving from east to west and in a flash it was out of sight over the Bull Run mountains.
If that wasn't enough excitement for one night we encountered another light just minutes after seeing the first. As we proceeded on from the first sighting, approx 3-5 miles, heading toward the Manassas Battlefield, we encountered another light. This light was also moving east to west but was neon green in color and noticeably much smaller. The light was also close to the ground, know higher than 100 feet and again moving at a speed faster than any conventional aircraft known.
Just like the first light, it was headed toward the Bull Run Mountains and in a flash it was gone.
I am a avid astronomer and know this wasn't a Meteor or any other type of natural light phenomena. I am also a very practical person and I quite can't wrap my head around what this possibly was. I wanted to report this to you in hopes maybe someone else in the area saw the same thing we did.

#5. Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/17/2008 09:30
Location: Leesburg, VA
FYI. 15 Miles From Gainesville/Haymarket Va
Shape: Circle Duration: 30 seconds

Large Green light over leesburg, VA

Large green glowing object approx. the size of the moon dipped below the clouds swiftly, then around 25-30 seconds later went quickly back into clouds and disappeared. Moved too quickly for and man made aircraft. Seemed to be SE of Leesburg possibly near Dulles International Airport

#6. Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/12/2008 23:00
Location: Gainesville, VA
Shape: Light Duration: 5 minutes

Bright Blue Fluorescent Light Seen in Virginia Outside Washington DC.

I am reporting a strange light I saw over Gainesville Va. While my wife and I were walking our dog I noticed a bright almost fluorescent Blue light stationary in the North Eastern sky. After a few minutes of observing the object, the light started to move. The light quickly picked up speed, abruptly slowed to a stop, starting moving again and than sped off to the South West at a tremendous pace. The blue color of this light is hard to describe, it was the strangest bright translucent fluorescent blue I have ever seen. I am baffled at what this object was.
Thank You

#7. Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/14/2008 05:20
Location: Purcellville, VA-
FYI. 10 miles from Gainesville/Haymarket Va
Shape: Unknown Duration: 10-12 minutes

Bright circle of lights with red lights around it and then white lights, hovering then moving off slowly

I saw what appeared to be a very bright star/planet in the sky to the SW of my house. I looked at it for a bit, then stepped out to see how bright the other stars were and to see if I could identify a constellation for reference. The stars were not bright at all so I wondered if I would hear about this in the news later. Then as I was watching it started to slowly move, as it moved closer the bright light appeared to be 3 or 4 lights in the center. At first I thought it might just be a Harrier as it appeared to be over the vicinity of Mt. Weather, VA along the Shenandoah River. Then I realized the lights were clustered with blinking red lights around that and a few white lights on the outer perimeter. It came almost directly over me and I know airplanes, I worked at an FBO and there were no outer wings lights, tail or nose lights. I could determine no shape whatsoever. I heard it, it was a muffled plane sound. It was not a chopper. It went over the house and I went in. I just kept thinking about it and I am sending this to you and do wish I had grabbed my camera or my phone for photo.

#8. Sighting Report
Location: Gainesville, VA
Shape: Light
Duration: 3 minutes

High, bright small light heading W/NW

While out on our backyard deck enjoying the evening and looking for fireflies, my wife spotted a very high, very bright light almost overhead, approaching from the West-to-SouthWest direction and approximately 10:00 high in the direction, which is blocked by trees any lower than that. As we watched it travel almost directly overhead toward the East-to-NorthEast direction, we both noticed very clearly that there were no navigation or strobe lights on it as are always on aircraft. Sky conditions: It is a very clear night tonight but with considerable light pollution in our area so very few stars are visible. The moon is only about 10-15 degrees above the horizon in the South-Southeast, and above and to the right of that is a bright star which may be Saturn (we're not astronomers, but a neighbor had been talking about viewing it with his telescope and it seems to be about in the right direction and time).We would estimate the brightness of the light to be approximately 2-3 times greater than that of Saturn (or whatever that brightest star is in the S-SE) with a great deal of "clarity" and precision to the light, a very bright, pinpoint-like light. While it very well could be a satellite or the ISS or something else, we felt it worth mentioning here because of two primary reasons: 1) Complete lack of normal NAV lights or beacons per a standard aircraft configuration. Only a very bright light, and we noted as it traveled away from us that they also couldn't be landing lights, since it was as bright going away from us as it was overhead.2) Apparent speed: Altitude is almost impossible to guess at here since there was nothing to give away the size...again, it could have been at a normal-high altitude (10K ft. or higher) or in low orbit like a satellite or the ISS. The only clue to altitude was any sound, and there was none, which gave the impression of a very high altitude (20-30K minimum). With that altitude, the speed just simply didn't seem right; it was traveling at least twice, if not three times, as fast as any comparable commercial jet that we normally see at that altitude. Since these two things made it very unusual, we watched it travel the complete distance almost to the low horizon in the distance before it was out of sight. That took only about 2 to 3 minutes maximum - again, much quicker than the usual commercial or military jet. It did not change course at any time, altitude did not seem to vary either. We're mentioning it here primarily for the interest of correlating it with any other sightings that may coincide, or to see if possibly the ISS or a satellite is the reason. Background: Wife and I don't drink, don't do any recreational drugs, not "UFO-holics", married 18 wonderful years, in our late-40's / early 50's, wear corrective lenses (glasses for her, contact lenses for me), no regular medications and in good physical and mental health (knock on wood), she is a lab technician and I am an engineer with a lifelong interest in aviation and a few hours towards my private pilot's license, essentially a wanna-be pilot and "airplane geek", so have a very fair degree of experience in observing and identifying a very large number of aircraft at different altitudes, positions, and sky/weather conditions.

#9. Sighting Report
Location: Gainesville, VA
Shape: Fire ball
Duration: 10 seconds

Green light falling from sky over Haymarket, Virginia area.

This event occurred Tuesday evening as I was driving back to my home located in Gainesville, VA. I was heading in the North Western direction at the time, and out of the left corner of my I saw a strange greenish tint object falling towards the ground over Haymarket Va.

These are a few of the Gainesville Va Flap sightings I have found.
I will keep you posted of any others I come across.

Take Care

UFO Sighting said...

UFO Sighting- February 18, 2009
Location: Haymarket, Gainesville Virginia
Prince William County

Just before 9:00pm on February 18 2009, my wife and I were on the way home from a local gas station in Haymarket Va. Just as we were leaving the town of Haymarket via the Old Carolina Road I noticed a very bright light in the Western Sky. To the left of the light I could also see the planet Venus which was setting in the South Western horizon.
The light was fire orange in color and at first sight seemed to be shining from the tree tops on Bull Run Mountain. We pulled over at the intersection of Old Carolina and Hethecote Blvd to get a better look. Now able to see unabated we were amazed to see the orb rising from the top of Bull Run Mountain. The light lifted at least a few hundred feet from the top of the Mountain when it started drifting towards us in a Easterly direction. Incredibly as the light drifted it would stop and hover for several minutes than resume moving again on its East North Easterly flight path. As the light got closer to our position it stopped, again hovered for several minutes just North of are position, this is when I noticed this was not a helicopter and certainly not a airplane. At this point the light gradually started to sweep North and remained on this flight path until we could know longer see it anymore.
During the sighting there was some other traffic that was also watching the object, I just hope they take the time to fill out a report of this fascinating sighting.

Ryan S. - Mansfield Ohio said...

Today I saw a bright green small object falling from the sky at a very fast pace. The light was very bright almost like a neon green firework. It looked to almost fall to the ground before it disappeared. Looking up at the sky i saw 2 military jets circling the area. This was in Mansfield Ohio where there is an Air Force base nearby. I felt very uneasy for about 2 hours after witnessing this. it seems like almost daily there is something in the media about UFO's and searching for life elsewhere. Anyone else feel like we are being warmed up for some big news?

Anonymous said...

Someone please investigate this...I was looking alone after reading these findings of whats been seen in the skies if VA and I'm surprised of what I found...and A LOT OF THEM ARE RECENT. The "smoke ring" seen in Kings Dominion...many are saying that it's coming from the Volcano there...I've been to Kingsdominion as well and NEVER seen this come from that thing. Any one with common since is aware of the physics of smoke, even a baby....here is the first video from the news....http://www.wane.com/dpp/news/strange/offbeat_wavy_va_ufo_spotted_at_virginia_amusement_park_200906161336_2536260

NOW, if you look at the full video thats on youtube...you can see that it's a solid, SOLID RING and the cloud passes around this thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O87h-fkTj1Y

This thing is actually stationary, HALF WAY in the cloud as the clouds moving on....not only is this visible, it's not moving. I've seen a lot of smoke rings in my life and damnit this is not one of them...what boggles me. As we're going into this new world order and many of the people in this world are skeptics of it and how we're getting f'd behind not being aware it's the same attitude towards evidents like this....if thats trully smoke, damnit, thats pollution beyond belief lmao...that volcano needs to be put out of commision...this is odd...keep up the reports people....

Kip Story said...

Investigators/Field Researchers

Keep up the great work on the current Virginia UFO Ring and Mass Sighting.

I'm glad you didn't accept the skeptics response that it was just a smoke ring from some far off volcano.

What is interesting is my research has found numerous other Sightings that have occurred as these dark rings and also were photographed and documented-for instance at Fort Belvoir Va in 1954-also in Virginia. Subsequently these two Mass Sightings(Ft Belvoir and Kings Dominion) both weren't more than 30 miles apart- coincidence, I DON'T THINK SO.
On the other hand my research has found eight(8)separate documented cases with photographs of these anomalous UFO Rings.
I can't rule out the possibility that these rings are the actual UFO but the possible aftermath of a propellent system after one leaves an area.

Take this into account-This is the second mass nationally televised UFO Sighting to occur in Virginia in just a month.
Something is certainly going on in Va and I can't wait to see what might happen next.

Kip Story

T.B.A said...

Well, here we go again.
Another Virginia UFO sighting being reported.
What is remarkable about this sighting is that it was seen crashing over the towns of Gainesville and Haymarket Virginia.
Because of the sheer number of sightings being reported and this obvious UFO Crash. Hopefully some UFOlogist/Investigators will look into what's been going on in this area.


NorthStar said...

Northern VA
/metro area UFO Investigator:

Hello all. Please do not hesitate to contact MUFON and fill out a CMS sighting form and ask for me directly for UFO sightings as to landings, entities and related encounters. I'm Norm Gagnon, MUFON S.T.A.R. field investigator.

MUFON: http://www.mufon.com/
Direct email: SEARCH.investigator@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

January 1st, 2013...only 6 minutes into the New Year. 5 floating lights moving slowly from West to East over Fairfax/Annandale. As they travelled, two of them "burned out" and disappeared. All had the appearance and color of the light from a road flare...constant bright reddish orange light with no blinking or green like an aircraft. As they passed overhead, I told my mother to be silent so that I could listen for aircraft noise, but I heard nothing. Watched them for 2-3 minutes until the three that hadn't burned out disappeared over the tree line to the east. I was completely baffled as to what they were, but suspect now that they may have been Chinese lanterns that someone launched...it was New Year's Eve, after all.