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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nebra Star Disc

Unearthed in 1999 by three German grave robbers, The Nebra Star Disc has been called "the find of a lifetime." The star disc is made of bronze, measures 30 cm in diameter and is inlaid with golden symbols of the sun, moon and stars.

Could this disc have been used as a tool for ancient astronomers to observe the sky or used as some type of symbol for ritualistic purposes? "This is the extraordinary story of how a small metal disc is rewriting the epic saga of how civilization first came to Europe over 3,000 years ago." National Geographic

Click here for parts 2-5 of Secrets of the Star Disc: The Find of a Lifetime

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Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing find ever! I would have loved to be the person who helped find this! Wow! that is what I said outloud when I saw a picture and watched the natgeotv program about this!