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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crop Circles - The Hidden Truth

Crop Circles - The Hidden Truth. Expose MI5 making crop circles


Nina said...

This is super trippy crap...I don't know what to believe. It seems highly likely that the world's government leaders would be trying to establish a new world order and to do so would create light shows and a fake alien invasion...that's hwat I've gotten from research. I looked up 'DNA upgrade' and came up with some even weirder crap that I don't know what to make of. Apparently our DNA is changing and shifting to the supposed higher frequencies. It doesn't seem totally our there and I'm a really open minded person, but we have to wait. From what I've learned this change isn't going to have fully taken place until December 2012. That calculation was given independently of the Mayan theory which is what kinda creeps me out. Bu these things that are supposedly taking place in this day and age are really creeping me out. I'll gladly accept a DNA upgrade though as apparently it will give you greater abilities you didn't have before.

Nina said...

I'm a true bliever in corp circles that are unexplained. Some of the less sophisticated ones throughout teh eyars have eben human made. Usually the crop is bent in uncharacteristic ways and the pattern seems to be something that has been done before. In other instances the crop circle maker returns for several nights ot make it. BU then there are corp circles that are too intricate to be done in one night by a human and in which the crop is bent in unusual ways and exposed to high levels of radiation.