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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paranormal Cops

Tuesday night a new show aired on A&E called Paranormal Cops. The team is made up of seven investigators: Tom Froelich, Pete Schleich, Austin Weinstock and Sgt. Ron Fabiani who are Chicago area police officers by day and bring their investigative expertise to the city's locations where paranormal activity is being reported. Also, medium Moriah Rhame, video expert Scot Ziarko and researcher Brian Jones are part of the crew.

The episode that premiered Tuesday night took place in Montrose Park at Big Timers Sound Shop. Researcher Brian Jones discovered that the building used to be a restaurant called Casa Madrid where gambling and mob "business" took place. Armed with EMF detectors, thermal imaging cameras and digital audio recorders, the team captured some amazing evidence that coincided with the claims of unexplained paranormal activity that has been frightening the employee there.

I loved this show and it's location! I look forward to watching future investigations by the Chicago Paranormal Detectives and all that my favorite city has to offer.

Paranormal Cops airs Tuesday nights 10:30/9:30 C on A&E.


Above the Norm said...

I forgot that this show was premiering this past Tuesday. I will definately have to catch it next week. Thanks for the review.

Aura said...

You are welcome! A number of paranormal shows have spawned as a result of GH. I must say- this is one of my favs, Paranormal Cops has great potential to reach a variety of audiences. I really enjoyed this show.

Frank Kurtz said...

I also caught Paranormal Cops, which I liked primarily due to the location (I've lived in the Chicago area most of my life). Though it doesn't really break new ground in this TV ghostly shows sub-genre, it is unique that most of the team is made up of police officers... and, well, middle aged guys who look like they've had too many trips to the donut shop judging by their double chins. Still, I had to laugh when they themselves gathered at a donut shop after their investigation. I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar Chicago haunts: Red Lion Inn on Lincoln across from the Biograph theatre, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery, a couple of the bars across from Wrigley Field and loads of other sites. These guys might also want to hook up with Chris Fleming, who (as far as I know) still has Illinois as his home base. By the way, cool site!!!

Aura said...

Frank, many thanks for stopping by my site and taking the time to comment here. I love that this show is located in Chicago. I grew up just across the border in NW Indiana and am familiar with many of the known haunts Chicago has to offer. I really like these guys and their style!

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