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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hauntings of Lemp Mansion

Reported to be Missouri's most actively haunted location, the Lemp Mansion is a legendary paranormal hot spot. In the late 1800's it was home to the Lemp Family who were a prominent family in the area who owned and operated a local brewery. The Mansion was built from the tremendous wealth the brewery brought the Lemp Family.

Unfortunately the Lemp's were met with a number of tragic deaths, five of which took place in the home and four of those as suicides. One of the deaths was that of an illegitimate son of William Lemp, Jr. who was born with Down's Syndrome. This was an embarrassment to the family and the boy was locked away in the attic of the house. He eventually passed away in his 30's, and is said to be one of the ghosts who haunt the building.

Today the mansion has been restored into a lovely theatre, restaurant and bed and breakfast. Prior to this, it was a boarding house for a short time in the 1970's. It was at this time that rumors of the hauntings surfaced from residents. As the rumors spread, fewer tenants could be found who would live there and eventually the place fell into ruin. It was in 1975 that a man by the name of Dick Pointer, along with his family, purchased the property turning it into a restaurant and inn. Immediately, workers began to complain of vanishing tools, strange sounds, and seeing apparitions in the house. Many of them quit the job site in fear of the strange activity inside.

Visitors can tour the mansion, and most likely will experience something along the way. Paranormal investigators come from all over the country to witness and document the activity. For more information about the history of this place and the hautings read: The Haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis.

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