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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Near Death Experiences: Visions Of Hell

We have all heard reports of near death experiences and the blissful, peaceful sensation that accompanies it prior to resuscitation. Today, these types of experiences have become widely accepted by many doctors and the scientists who study this phenomenon. However, for some people their reports are far from tranquil. Reports of being pulled towards the floor, instead of floating upwards, with visions of fire, darkness and being surrounded by demons. Those that come back tell of their experience say during they were accompanied by feelings of absolute terror. Scientists have labeled these as negative NDE's (near death experiences) and studies are underway to determine if there is any scientific basis for these experiences.

Article source: Patients near death see visions of hell


Anonymous said...

Weird i use to have a nightmare exactly like that for like the first 5 yrs i was born

Help Me said...

Interesting topic, but where is the rest of the information. Surely you have some kind of source to share with your readers. Where did you get your information from?
I have a piece of advice, when readers stumble upon sites that deal with the unexplained or the paranormal, and you mention other sources; they want to see the other sources.

Please don't think I'm trying to discourage you, I think what you are doing is great. As a reader of your blog, I would rather you hear it from me or someone else; than to not hear it at all.

Aura said...

Thanks Help Me! No worries, your comment is much appreciated! A number of readers have written me suggesting I write more about NDE's. I also recently saw a program on the History Channel about the subject of Hell. So I decided to look into it. Did come across one site that was well written on the topic. I always site my sources, however I neglected to do that here. Simply forgot to add link for my readers. Thank you again! Link to article has been added.

Anonymous said...

On this topic, here is a critical analysis about NDE from a Christian point of view: