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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paranormal Witness Show

I recently began watching the SyFy TV show called Paranormal Witness. I was skeptical at first- as a number of the shows that deal with the subject of the supernatural have become pretty lame in my opinion. However, I have found myself enjoying this one. Paranormal Witness reminds me of Unsolved Mysteries and when that show would have segments on about the unexplained. I remember my eyes would be glued to the television. This episode of Paranormal Witness that I saw was about a poltergeist type haunting. What I loved about it was that the episode included actual footage that the family captured. Here is that episode.

The Poltergeist / Watched In The Wilderness.

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Gil Nambatac said...

This is somewhat like Paranormal? Or very different from that?