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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Terror In The Shadows

Documentary Film "Children of the Grave" 

Shadow people, shadow folk and shadow beings describe a strange entity that has been experienced by numerous people world wide.Their presence is often bound to a home or person within. Shadow people often cause terror to those who see them - as their dark, human, silhouette forms are feared to be malevolent.

Skeptics are quick to label the experience as ones imagination or a hallucination- and in some cases that would be true. However, cases where groups of people witness the same phenomenon are harder to label as such.

The image in this post is a well-known photograph from the documentary film "Children of the Grave". It shows a number of shadow people in the woods along Zombie Road near the Meramec River in Missouri. There were numerous eyewitnesses to the shadow people that appeared in the woods that night.

More research by investigators is being done as the phenomenon becomes more widespread. Everyone wants to discover who or what they are. Anyone have an experience that they would like to share? Email me with your experience and I will make it a post here on my blog.

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