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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Children Haunted by Ghosts

It's common for kids to have nightmares, and the majority of the time they are nothing more than frightening dreams. However, there are cases where children experience a terrifying, recurring nightly vision of someone or thing that has parents convinced it is not just a bad dream.

One such a case involves a 5 year old boy named Dagan who is haunted by a 'man with grey skin'.  The boy began telling his parents that the 'man with grey skin' sits at the foot of his bed at night and talks to him. Dagan's father says that they have evidence that there is something happening, claiming the ghost has moved furniture in the bedroom which is impossible for Dagan to do himself. Another creepy thing happened in the home that the family spoke of - a strange face appeared on a newly plastered wall. The family has also stated that the neighbors who are on the other side of the plastered wall have also had unexplained activity happening in their home.

Article Source: The Anomalist & Daily Mail ( photos incl.)

I hope that this family can get to the source of these disturbances and rid their home of whatever is causing them. I also wish little Dagan peaceful nights ahead. I too experienced frightening disturbances in my bedroom at night as a child and do not wish them on anyone - especially innocent children.


Marion Williams and Elena Michaels said...

It has been our experience that children are more likely to be aware of paranormal events as they are happening, so it makes sense that of all those living in the apartment, Dagan is the one to recognize them.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, the 5 yr old boy didn't start seeing the apparition until after the parents noticed the pareidolial image on the wall.

My money says they commented on it while the boy was around and Walla! The legend is born.