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Saturday, November 10, 2012

'The World's Weirdest Places'

Reading about strange and mysterious places has always been an interest of mine. My latest read, 'The World's Weirdest Places', comes from well-known author, Cryptozoologist and Ufologist, Nick Redfern. Redfern takes readers all across the globe to numerous places of high strangeness where cryptids, UFOs, ghosts, and sightings of mythical creatures have been reported. Each of the 25 places he explores in this book have their own degree of weirdness to them. Readers will get a glimpse of  the local lore that has been woven into the fabric of the paranormal realm surrounding each site. I enjoyed that he choose to revisit well-known places such as the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and unusual Mount Shasta while introducing me to other lesser-known locations and the dark history that they posses. This book is a must read for anyone who,  like me, enjoys reading about creepy places and the stories that they hold.

For more about the author and the work he does, please visit Nick Redfern's World of Whatever blog.


Nick Redfern said...

Many thanks for the review, Aura! Best, Nick R

Aura said...

You are most welcome!!

Vanessa Morgan said...

This book is sooo up my alley. I've added it to my to-read list.
Have a lovely weekend!

Aura said...
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