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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Paranormal Reality Shows Coming to Syfy

Just stumbled upon this info: Syfy will be going ahead with 3 new paranormal reality shows in the new year. Ghost Mine, Stranded and Notorious Hauntings will join Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness and The Haunted Collector.

Ghost Mine takes place in an infamously haunted, abandoned mine located in Oregon.  A new owner brings in a team of miners to seek potential new fortunes, while a team of paranormal investigators joins them. The show will premiere on January 16.

Premiering on February 27, is Stranded, a show where groups of paranormal seekers are taken to one of the most haunted places in America and left there to document their experiences.

Notorious Hauntings is said to premiere in the Spring of 2013. This show will take investigators to places around the world where heinous acts of crime and horrors have occurred, creating hotspots for paranormal activity.


Robert Tuttle said...

Oh I can't wait to check out these new shows. Although some of these types of shows seem a bit cheesy, I'm hoping these will up the ante a bit.

Aura said...

I can hardly keep up! These paranormal reality shows are everywhere now. I'm more into the documentaries on the subject, but there are a few noteworthy shows out there. We'll see how these do. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!