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Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 9 - An Indie Film by Tom Ryan

Photo courtesy of, and copyright, of Tom Ryan
Written and directed by up and coming indie filmmaker Thomas Ryan, Day 9 shatters the ordinary lives of Tom and his family when a zombie virus infects the population.

What is supposed to be a relaxing weekend without the kids, quickly turns into a devastating nightmare for Tom and his wife Mel. As news reports of a strange outbreak reach the Ryan's household- disbelief, then shock, then absolute terror and panic take its hold.

I found this short (35 min) film well made. Tom's band, 'Vlad The Inhaler' did a rockin-awesome soundtrack for the film.  I enjoyed how the movie was shot; the filmmakers' choice to intertwine present time and flashback scenes were, in my opinion, flawless.  I loved the creative use of camera angles.  In consideration of the small budget indie filmmakers have to create with, I found the make-up and gore satisfying. The acting was really good.

As I watched Day 9, the fear and despair that grips at the heart and soul of the main character (Tom) resonated with me; leaving me wondering - what would I do?  Could I bear the survival of an apocalyptic zombie onslaught?

To purchase this film, contact Tom at TOMR666@comcast.net

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