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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ghostly Apparitions: Banff Springs Hotel

Located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, nestled within the majestic Rocky Mountains rests the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Built in the Golden Age of the Canadian Pacific dynasty, this luxury Scottish Baronial style hotel is rich in ghostly lore.  Visitors and staff have reported seeing ghostly apparitions on many occasions.

It is said, in the 1920's, a bride nicknamed "the doomed bride"  tragically fell to her death when her wedding gown caught fire by the candles that lit the stone staircase. Panic overcame her and she slipped - tragically falling to her death. Employees report hearing strange sounds emanating from the bridal suite and seeing the apparition of a women in a flowing white gown on the staircase.
 **It has proven difficult for me to find any source of information about who this woman was, and if in fact the tragedy took place. 

Another well-known resident apparition is that of a former employee, named Sam McCauley who was a Scottish immigrant and longtime bellhop at the hotel. Shortly after retiring in 1967, Sam passed away and it is said he returned after his death to continue the job he loved. Visitors who have lost their room key have been approached by a man dressed in a 1960's style bellhop uniform, who assists them - then vanishes the moment spoken to.

There are many other reports of paranormal activity throughout this castle-like hotel; from faces appearing in mirrors, to bar-stools spinning on their own and tables moving by an unseen force.  With so much traffic though it's doors, who's to say that some energies have not imprinted or returned to such a magnificent place.

There are also a number of ghostly, unusual tales in and around the facility itself.  "Nearby Lake Minnewanka ("Lake of the Water Spirit"), which was believed to hide a half-man, half-fish demon by the Native Americans in the area." (Source: Dark Destinations)

This place is in the top 10 must visits on my paranormal road trip bucket list!

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