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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Strange Lights in the Night Sky

This night will forever be engrained in my memory. Fourteen years later, I continue to try and make sense of what I saw. It was a stormy summer night, the rain was heavy and the lightning blinding. This was no ordinary storm though...

Earlier that night, I noticed the atmosphere was ripe for a wicked storm; I could sense one was about to erupt at any moment as I exited my university building. Everyone had the same idea as me, to get home fast!

I made it home safe, with just minutes to spare before the skies opened up and began beating on my town below. I was tired, so I decided to head up to my room and watch TV for a while. I have always loved a good storm, so like many times before I kept the vertical blinds open and all the lights off in my room- except for the glow from my small TV.

Soon, after getting comfortable in bed, my attention was drawn from the TV to my bedroom window. I noticed what appeared to be a craft of some kind descending rapidly and coming straight towards the back of our house. It was difficult to make out at first from the large, old tree dividing ours and the neighbors' backyard property. I was convinced that a small plane was in trouble due to the pounding rain. Just as I was about to run for cover, the object stopped nearby a small branch of the tree. I could see a cone shaped light emanating from the base of the object and a light beam of some sorts coming off the nose. It was there for a minute or two - suspended in air. When lightning lit up the sky, I could see that it was some sort of solid object. Suddenly it became surrounded in a bright blueish-white light and passed effortlessly through the tree branches! This ball of light was now in our backyard, hovering just 20 feet from my 2nd floor bedroom window. It was approximately the size of a lid from a round garbage can. I could see green and red rotating lights directly in the center of the object; similar to a string of lights at Christmastime on the chaser setting wrapped once around a ball. That was when I ran out into the hallway and began pounding on my brothers' door to see if he was seeing what I was - as his window also faced the backyard. He responded that he was and from the sound of his voice I could tell he was completely freaked out.  I then ran to get my parents and without any thought - pushed open their bedroom door to yell "ma..dad..there's a UFO in our backyard, come quick!" My father mumble a profanity at me in Serbian for waking him up on a work night but my mother quickly got out of bed and came into my room. We both stood there at my window in awe watching the blueish-white, orb-like object hover there for about 20- 30 minutes. In that time the storm let up quite a bit and my mother left to go back to bed. I got back onto my bed and continued to be hypnotized by what I was witnessing. Then, the object disappeared... or so I thought. Within 30 or so seconds, it reappeared as an amber orange colored ball of light - about the size of a Frisbee. And this is where it gets even weirder - the object then split into two amber colored balls of light and began zipping around the backyard in a pattern similar to that of the infinity symbol. Then it would move fast vertically up and down. Both stopping on a dime each time before ascending or descending again. They moved so fast, I could see the lit path left behind from the luminous objects.   It would fuse together back as one and then split and do the whole "dance" again. Talk about weird!  This went on for 4 hours before it disappeared completely. Now one would immediately ask - did you film it? Regretfully I did not. There was no film in my camera and our video camera at time was completely dead of batteries.

The next day I went next door to talk to our neighbor. I asked if he noticed anything odd the night before.  He said no, but he did tell me that his outdoor dogs were freaked out , feverishly scratching his back door and, as a result, he had to bring both inside for the remainder of the night. He did mention that storms in the past never caused them to panic and he found that odd. 

This event was witnessed by three members of my family. To this day, we have no idea what the strange lights were. Oddly enough, my fear was suppressed the entire time by a hypnotic-like fixation on what I was seeing. It was only after that I found myself totally creeped out.

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