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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ghost Of George Washington

On a number of occasions, the ghost of George Washington is seen galloping across the battlefields of Gettysburg. Residents in the area say that his ghostly figure often appears on hot summer nights riding a beautiful white horse.

Perhaps the most well known sighting of the former first President was during the Civil War. A large number of Union soldiers were attempting to hold back the Confederates from taking over a strategic area when Washington materialized before them on a white horse. Dressed in uniform from the period of the American Revolution, Washington shouted "Fix bayonets! Charge!" The Union soldiers did just that and were able to achieve a full retreat from the Confederates.

Source: The Travel Channel


Anonymous said...

God Bless GW

AShinyAspie said...

Hey, first of all, I wanna state something: I am a liberal, yet I admire the founding fathers as much as a conservative.

Second, I feel that it is important to mention that the ghost of George Washington would almost certainly be a benevolent haunt. After all, with such a strong and upright character who refused absolute power when it was offered to him, it is unlikely that he would produce an ill-meaning ghost. However, some people may not realize that.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like BS to me. That is a great source that you posted. How about coming fourth with some actual verifiable sources that brings some credibility to this feeble post.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Chamberlain, hero of Gettysburg (successfully defended the Little Round Top from the Confederate offensive, thereby saving the Union left from being turned), was a man of sober character before, during, and following the Civil War, and confirmed this version of the sighting:
As Chamberlain and his regiment groped through the unfamiliar territory, struggling to find their ordered position, a figure on a white horse, and wearing a tricorn hat appeared; and guided the regiment to their critical position on Little Round Top. It was only after the battle the men who had seen the mysterious guide, decided that the figure bore an uncanny resemblance to the first President.
On a related side note; Washington's relative by marriage, the renowned General Robert E. Lee, commanding the Confederate forces, lost this crucial battle.

ToddonCapeCod said...

I find it kind of unusual, that the ghost George Washington, would lead a battle against Virginians, of which he was one.