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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This is another incident that happened to me in the summer of 2000. This occurred before the one mentioned that same year in a previous post.

I was in bed and about to fall asleep, when from my left side I heard a strange humming sound. It started out quiet and then got louder. Then it sounded as if something burst and suddenly I felt a blast of air come across my body and over towards the other side of my bed. I quickly got up and turned on the lights in my room and in the hallway upstairs. My family was on vacation at the time and I was too afraid to be by myself. I called my cousin up to come and sleep over that night. He did, and we kept all the lights upstairs.

Earlier that year both my great-grandparents passed away. The energy that was in my room that night did not feel comforting and that is how I would expect to experience a visit from them. I do not know what that was and it never happened again.

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