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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Ghost Highway

Truckers traveling from El Paso to Phoenix are familiar with "The Ghost Highway". Highway 13 is a stretch of road truckers find themselves on when they are having trouble with their rigs. Once on this road, it is said that they will be protected for the remainder of their trip.

In 1994 a trucker had an experience with Highway 13. He was hauling a load of minivans from Louisiana to Phoenix. Nearing El Paso his truck was acting up and he worried that he would not be able to make the seven hour trip from there to Phoenix. He came across the sign for Highway 13 and something told him to take it. He had heard about "The Ghost Highway" from other truckers. Once he was on it, his truck began to run like new. He noted that there was nothing along the route except three cemeteries. He found himself in Phoenix less than two hours later!!! When he exited the highway his truck began to act up again.

Another trucker became very ill as he entered El Paso. He too came across the sign for Highway 13 and took it. Once in Phoenix, he went to seek medical attention. Doctors found that he had suffered a heart attack. They could not figure how he was able to make the 412 mile trip.

So what is behind all this? How could a 412 mile trip take less than 2 hours???

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