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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Kecksburg UFO

On December 9, 1965, an object crashed in the woods near the small Pennsylvania town of Kecksburg. Hundreds of people in Canada and several U.S. states witnessed the object. The official government report said the object was just a meteorite. However, many eyewitnesses disagree. Some people saw the object up close and describe it as an acorn-shaped object with strange writing on it. Others say they saw the object change direction in the sky and emit a bluish colored vapor trail before crashing to the ground. Something indeed crashed that night in Kecksburg. Whatever it was, the U.S. military showed up shortly after and would not allow civilians to come near the area. Some witnesses saw the military load a strange object onto a flatbed truck. Jerry Betters is one witness that remembers seeing this. Once the military realized that he and a group of his friends were there, they pointed their guns at them and told them to leave the area. What caused the swarm of military personnel in Kecksburg that night? Did a UFO crash? What does the United States government know about this incident that we do not?

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