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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thailand's Ghosts

I found a few articles from 2005 that were written about the tsunami aftermath and thought I would share some of the what I read.

"Asians aren't coming back yet. Why? Ghosts..." Residents of Thailand have been haunted by the ghosts of those that were killed when the tsunami hit. Many of the victims were foreigners. A number of people have claimed to see their ghosts wandering the beaches at night in search of their loved ones.

On Phi Phi Island, one woman saw a number of foreign tourists "struggling to escape the sea" nearly a year after the tsunami hit. A hotel worker on the Island claimed that he heard people playing on the beach only to find no one there.

On Phuket's Patong beach, a guard heard the cries of a foreign women one night while he was on the job. He was so frightened that he quit soon after his experience. Taxi drivers in Phuket have picked up tourists to take them to the airport only to find their back seat empty upon arrival.

So many lives were cut short in such a tragic way from this event that it is no wonder so many lost souls can not find their way.

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