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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ball Lightning?

A reader just sent me this experience that she had with her family. Thank you for sharing your story.

"One summer my Dad, brother and I were driving on an empty highway, at night, somewhere near the Texas-New Mexico border. There really was nothing but dirt and scrub brush in every direction. Until we see this ball of light in the road ahead of us, about the size of my head and the color of a Mountain Dew bottle. It was floating/bouncing towards us, and even though we slowed it came right at us.

Then it hit the windshield of the truck and dissolved. No malfunctioning radio, no electric hum in the air, back to the dust and scrub scenery.

Maybe it was ball lightning. I'm not sure because I have no basis for comparison. Or maybe it was something much more interesting. At least, that's what I'd prefer to believe. Maybe if any of your readers have experience with ball lightning, they can tell me if that is what we encountered that night."

I will be doing a follow up post on this phenomenon as soon as I can pull together some information. Does anyone have an idea as to what this could have been. If so, please comment.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like ball lightning to me. Your description of the event coincide with the characteristics of this natural phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

That depends on how long the light lasted. Ball lightning is not known to last longer that seconds/few minutes, I thought??

Bob said...

Cool story. I have never experienced anything like this and could not say what it was.