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Friday, January 12, 2007

A Reader's Experience

Here is an experience that one of my reader's recently shared with me. The events that took place happened in her childhood home in Indiana.

"Well ok, we used to always hear our names being called and no one was there. Things would move and there were at least 3 witnesses in the room each time these things happened, so it wasn't our imaginations. Our house consisted of three levels. A full basement, middle level and then the upstairs. Our house was huge. The basement connected to a tornado tunnel that connected to the garage which then led to outside. It was kind of cool but, it was scary at times too. I used to exercise in the basement, at night, when everyone was sleeping except my mom who was usually upstairs on the top level. I used to always feel like someone was watching me. Sometimes so strongly that I would quit dancing and run upstairs.
The scariest thing of all was when I was 13. For my birthday my parents redid my bedroom for me. We painted it pink (was purple and yellow) and I loved it. It was my dream room. I loved going in there. One very insignificant day (nothing was going wrong, nothing bad happened, it was a normal sunny day) I went into my room and I froze. It was as if I was in a different place. It was my room, but it felt so cold. I could actually feel an evil presence in it. I will never forget that feeling. So, brave as I was (or stupid, either way), I ran to my bed and grabbed a children's bible that I had. I believed in God and all that and Jesus but, I never read the bible. It was there and I thought what the heck, so I began to just read randomly from it. I did not look up from that book. I don't know how long I read but, when I finally did look up, my room was back to normal and that feeling was gone. I was never so scared by something I could not see. So, as I grew up and believed more and more in Jesus, things stopped happening. No more names were called. No more objects moving. Things were back to normal. Now, when we moved to our new home 11 years ago, I used to have nightmares about that house in Schererville. I mean, like wake up in a cold sweat nightmare. Then I realized where I was and that it was a dream and I was ok. Then, I started to read the bible and study it and the dreams stopped. Now, I don't want to throw my religion on you or anything but, I will say that I do now know that there are demons that roam this earth and they can and will try their best to get at you. What I also now know is that they can't touch you if you call on Jesus."

Thank you again for sharing your story with me and everyone that visits my site.


JaneDoughnut said...

That's really interesting. Very cool site you have here. I think I may send in my own experience, however comparatively uninteresting it is.

Aura said...

Feel free to send in any experiences you think are related to the blog. I always enjoy the stories people share with me. Thanks for your comment.