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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ghost Ships Of The Great Lakes

Ghost ships have not only been seen on the ocean. There are a number of ships that have mysteriously disappeared on the Great Lakes and were later spotted by sailors.

In September of 1678, the Griffon vanished without a trace on the waters of Lake Michigan. The vessel was never found yet, a number of sailors reported seeing the ghostly ship on the water years after its disappearance. Another famous ghost ship of the great lakes is that of the Edmund Fitzgerald. On November 10, 1975, during a unrelenting viscous storm the Edmund Fitzgerald, without warning, sank to the bottom of Lake Superior taking all crew members down with her. The ship was eventually found broken at the bottom of the lake. However, many sailors have reported seeing the ship years after it sank afloat and untouched by the storm tossed waters.

Those who are familiar with sailing the Great Lakes say that these five bodies of water are haunted by vessels which have been claimed by its dark waters. Sightings of ghost ships are reported most often by frightened mariners during dense suffocating fog and sudden violent storms that frequently occur without warning.

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