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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Haitian Zombies

Associated with the voodoo practice, zombies are a real phenomenon originating from the West Indian country of Haiti.

For years, Zombies were believed to be the corpses of the dead brought back to the world of the living. However, today we now know that a cocktail of poisons administered by Bokors ( voodoo witchdoctors) are responsible for creating the walking 'dead'.

One of the most well known documented examples of this phenomenon is that of Clairvius Narcisse who died at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Haiti in 1962. Eighteen years after his death had been certified, he turned up at his sisters home alive and able to detail accounts from their childhood. Hospital records show that his recollection of the events were accurate. He even bore the scar from where a nail was driven into his coffin striking his cheek as he lay paralyzed in his grave. It is believed that a Bokor robbed his body from the graveyard and with a series of spells and poison turned him into his slave. Clairvius believed with out a doubt that a dispute over family land between his brothers is what ultimately doomed him to this fate.

Today this fearful practice of zombification is outlawed yet, many Haitians still fear its dreadful consequences.


Rand said...

Gee that gave me a terrible fright, that picture has given me the heeby jeebies ever since I was a kid.

Out of every thing horror and paranormal related zombies still scare me, I did get over the fear by telling myself that I could out run them, but then the remake came out and they made the dang things run like crazy.

Aura said...

Hello friend! Same here. I have been meaning to catch the remake. Any good?

Steve said...

I was reading something about this just lately in a book about poisons. I think I find the idea of being turned into a zombie more frighting than encountering one.

Tim said...

The real truth about Zombies and about Claivius Narcisse are nothing at all to fear. Voodoo zombies are not the flesh eating undead as they are known in movies, but real living people who have been dumbed down and brainwashed. They are capable of thought and communication. I recommend reading a book called The Serpent and the Rainbow for the truth about zombies.

Anonymous said...

Zombies also exist in the "astral realm," kind of like ghosts. Some psychics can see them and say they have a really horrible energy. I had heard a yogi talk about this years ago at a lecture in L.A., but the only article I could find about this online was written by this psychic woman:

Real Zombies

What do you guys think?