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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Famous Ghost Photo

This well known photograph is believed to be the ghostly image of Freddy Jackson peeping out from behind one of his colleagues. (top row, 4th from the left)

This photo was taken in 1919 of a flight unit from the Royal Air Force. Three days prior to this photo being taken, Freddy Jackson was tragically killed when he accidentally fell into a whirling propeller.

This picture has been examined throughly and there has never been evidence that this photo is a fake. Could this be an actual photo of a ghost?


Haunted Tuna said...

hmm... thats spooky! but the facts seems to be too little..

lovering said...

This phenomena is easily explainable and can be duplicated with any SLR camera. Cameras of the early 20th century had to take very long exposures, >30 seconds. So, everyone had to sit still the whole time. If someone moved, say to whisper something to the person in front, there would be a fainter image of their face. It was a very common flaw in photos. I have made photos liek this many times. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Aura said...

Hi. Thanks lovering for your comment and sharing your point of view with me. Do I feel that ghosts have been captured on film? Yes, but I too feel that a large number of photos claiming to have ghosts in them are the result of what you mentioned.