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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Hampton Lillibridge House

In a recent post, I talked about one theory surrounding all the paranormal activity in Savannah, Georgia. Here is a well known, ghostly tale that has been documented by a number of people.

The Hampton Lillibridge House is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah. Jim Williams, was a antique dealer from Georgia and owner of this home. Williams was tried, three times for the murder of his associate, Danny Hansford. He was however, later acquitted. These trials were the inspiration for the bestseller, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, in which Williams,was the main character.

Workmen restoring the house for Williams in the 1960's, would not finish the job because of all the strange occurrences around them. A worker was killed when a home next door collapsed. Tools would inexplicably disappear and strange sounds would be heard. A man was once seen peering out the third floor window wearing a black suit and bow tie. During the time of that incident their was no one living in the home. Neighbors have also reported hearing screams coming from within the house, and seeing the ghostly figure of a grey haired man on the property.

Mr. Williams was convinced that there were ghosts in his house. He too experienced numerous paranormal activity there. On December 7, 1963, a well known exorcism took place in his house to try and cleanse it of the tormented spirits within. It did not work, and the paranormal activity continued.

Jim Williams died unexpectedly in his home in 1990 . Today, a couple with young children live in the house. Numerous haunted tours operate in the city, and this house is the stop of many.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I have been to this house. I was there and the tour lady was all like,"Don't take a pic with your cell, the thing inside will like drain the battery" So me thinking that nothing was going to happen took the pic. It was a really good pic of the house and everything was visible. I hit save and saved it on my phone. My phone mysteriously cut off without doing the whole powering down thing. I go to look at it and realize it is off. I try to cut it on but it will not. Finally it cuts on. My battery went from full to 1 bar and the beautiful pic was totally black! FREAKY!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have been here many times, as I myself am a frequent visitor of Savannah. The whole town is amazing in its abilities to transfer it's "Hauntings" to the public. I have taken many, many photo's of this house in particular at different times of day and seasons. But have yet to be convinced " of its paranormal activity. But I will keep trying.

Anonymous said...

well i go to savannah every year and we always look into the hampton lillybridge. It is on sale for half a million dollars. We plan on buying it soon for paranormal research. It probably will become open to the public what my dad wants to do. You will also then have an oppurtunity to spend the night there.

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to Savannah! I heard that there was a woman that went to serve this pervert of a man in the 1800's or the 1900's and he impregnated her...so she killed him by drowning him. After she was found guilty they figured out that she was pregnant and waited til' the day after she had the baby. They say she still haunts the center of the town where she was hung. Once this boy was out and he was stopped by a woman that was asking for her baby. I've been very infatuated with ghosts for a very long time. Well... I'm thirteen (Sarah Winchesters favorite number!) and I've been studying them in a way ever since I was eight.