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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Marfa Lights

Ghost lights have been seen all over the world for many years. Perhaps the most famous are the Marfa Lights.

Named after Marfa, Texas, the Marfa Lights were first reported in 1883 by Robert Reed Ellison. Ellison along with other witnesses believed the lights to be a campfire in the distance. Upon investigation, they never found any ashes or traces that a campfire had been where the lights were seen. The strange appearance of these nocturnal lights have continued to wow onlookers and researchers to this day. The lights have been reported as appearing spherical and reddish-orange in color. "The balls are said to hover at about shoulder height, or to move laterally at low speeds, or sometimes to shoot around rapidly in any direction. They often appear in pairs or groups, according to reports, to divide into pairs or merge together, to disappear and reappear, and sometimes to move in seemingly regular patterns. Their sizes are typically said to resemble soccer balls or basketballs." Wiki
When approached, the lights always disappear.

There has been much debate through the years over the exact cause for these "ghost lights". Some explanations that have been given for their existence are: electrostatic discharge, swamp gas, atmospheric phenomena and car headlights. A large group of people believe these lights are convincing evidence that Ufo's exist. Whatever the cause, their origin remains a mystery and continues to baffle all who have witnessed them.


Steve said...

Interesting post. I have never heard the name 'Marfa Lights' before. Over here is the UK I have sometimes heard the term Will-o'-the-wisp used, and also Corpse Lights. Traditionaly, I think, Corpse light would appear the night before a funeral, and light, or follow, the route that the coffin would take the following day.

Aura said...

I find this subject very interesting. These types of lights have been seen and documented throughout time and the fact that no one has been able to find the cause intrigues me. I will have to look into Corpse lights and their appearance before/during a funeral. Could make for another interesting post.

I am certain that what I experienced at my childhood home in Indiana was not swamp gas or a car headlight. I felt that there was some form of intelligence there. It was something that I will never forget. I have written about it here. If you want to check it out, go to my October archives. It was one of my earliest posts on here.

Thanks Steve! :)

David said...

Outstanding! The Marfa Lights viewing area is really neat, finally a good use for my Texas Tax Dollars. For more information on the area, be sure to check out www.bigbendchat.com and www.virtualbigbend.com

ShaneA shanea@sfajacks.com

Aura said...

Hi david,
Thanks for the sites and linking to my story. I am fascinated by this and hope to some day see them for myself.

Anonymous said...

In 2005 myself and 3 friends encountered a light orb in Big Bend national park. It was after an intense lightning storm, we were playing drums through the storm in our tent, when the rain stopped we got out and were approached by the light. It got about 15 feet away from us, I rushed to the car and flipped the headlights on, there was nothing, when I flipped them off there it was. A small greenish orb of light about the size of a softball. It hovered and seemed to be observing us, we were all frozen in shock. After about 15 seconds it floated off into the forest, it's still my only encounter with the supernatural. Amazing