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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Silver Cliff Ghost Lights

Another well known place to paranormal researchers the Silver Cliff Cemetery in Colorado. Ghost lights can be seen dancing around the tombstones in this cemetery at night. Witnesses say that the lights often appear a bluish white in color, in groups of 3 or four and quickly disappear when approached.

The town of Silver Creek was a mining hot spot in the late 1800's. The first reported sighting of the 'ghost lights' took place in 1880 by a group of miners traveling past the cemetery one evening. Scared by what they saw, they continued on their way. Since then, the lights have been seen on a regular basis.

Skeptics say that the lights come from the surrounding buildings and homes in the small town. To disprove this theory, everyone came together in the town and shut off all sources of light surrounding the cemetery including the street lights. The ghost lights were still seen dancing around the cemetery that night. Another suggestion as to the source of the lights was the possibility of radioactive ore in the area. Geiger counters were brought in and combed the area. No radioactivity was detected. Could these lights be the souls of the miners who lost their lives and continue to search for the gold they never found?

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